Privacy policy


(Updated on 24.5.2018)


Riena Productions is committed to protect its customers’ privacy and we offer you opportunities to influence the personal information processing. By signing-in to your own account on this website, you can change and limit your personal information usage. You can also cancel any given consent of e.g. newsletters at the end of each email or by contacting our customer service.

With this Privacy Policy we aim to inform our customers about the processing of their personal information, as clearly as possible. To continue the use of Riena Productions’s websites or webshops (later “Web Services”), the customer needs to accept this Privacy Policy.

The information we collect can be divided to:

Information received from the user
Information collected from usage of the Web Services
Information deduced from analytics

We use the information to:

Provide highly usable and safe Web Services
Provide good customer experience
Enhance product reviews and marketing
Enhance our customer service and Web Services


Data Controller and Processor:

Riena Productions (Business ID: 2611701-2)
Koukkutie 56, 04220 Kerava, Finland

You can ask more about privacy and processing of personal information: contact.darksarah@gmail.com


Personal information given by the user
Identification information like name
Personal identification number to identify a customer for a credit agreement (when choosing credit payment option is available)
Contact information like address, email and phone number
Payment details, including credit agreements and other billing information
Location information that is used to estimate shipping costs and delivery times
Information derived from the usage of the Web Services and analytics
Shopping history, e.g. previously ordered products and their price information
Delivery details like chosen delivery method and delivery address
Product reviews
Browsing and usage history of the Web Services and device information
Identification information used for product recommendations and other targeted content

Identification, contact and payment details are mandatory to pass forward to us when you purchase from us directly via Internet. The main source for this information is the user himself. Besides this information we might receive information from our partners, e.g. from credit and payment gateway service providers.


Personal information is used to

Maintain the customer relationship
Deliver, handle and archive the orders
Develop our business processes and services
Enhance the user experience
Analytics and statistics purposes
Provide more personal and targeted content and marketing
Prevent abuse
Payments, payment control and debt collection
Provide better customer service

This information is processed based on customer’s and Riena Productions’s customer relationship, agreement, usage policy of the Web Services, customer’s specific consent or when based on legislative obligations.


The customer register information is not given to outsiders. The register information is saved in databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical security measures. Only Riena Productions’s personnel or partners authorized by Riena Productions have access to the information to process their tasks. 

Riena Productions also requires full confidentiality from its personnel and partners when it comes to customer and personal information. Access to information systems holding personal information is granted only by ensuring each user has personal user accounts and passwords. Access is restricted always to the lowest possible level needed to process the required tasks and information. 

Any printed material holding personal information is held within Riena Productions’s premises, which are locked and visitor access is monitored.


Access to customer information is restricted to Riena Productions employees and our staff is trained to use the information safely and only for the purpose listed earlier in this Privacy Policy. Each employee has access only to the lowest level of information needed to perform their tasks.

We use only validated, trusted partners when we need to transfer some information to a third party. We have ensured with our partners that the EU Privacy Policy GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other legislative requirements are met. You can read more about third parties later in this Privacy Policy.

Company responsible for the Data Processing:

Riena Productions (Business ID: 2611701-2)
Koukkutie 56, 04220 Kerava, Finland


We retain your personal information only for the time period required to fill the use purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Also, some information can be retained for longer periods in that respect when it is necessary set by legislative requirements, e.g. accounting and consumer sales related responsibilities and archiving requirements.

By customer request, information retained by Riena Productions can be deleted or anonymized from our information systems. Deletion and anonymizing is irreversible and therefore we can’t restore deleted customer accounts from our Web Services.

For some pieces of information the legislation sets requirements to retain the information for longer periods, including:

Accounting law defines longer information retaining periods, regardless if the material contains personal information or not
Responsibilities set by consumer sales regulations
Log information collected by the information systems is collected and saved in a way set by the law to guarantee a safe and legal Web Services to our customer
Saving sufficient backups from Web Services and information systems to ensure information safety, information security, continuity and access to fix potential error conditions


As a customer, you have the right to:

Get access to personal information we have saved about you
Request correcting or deleting personal information we have about you
With certain prerequisites met, request limitation or resist the use of your personal information

In addition, if the data processing is based on separate consent, you have the right to cancel your consent at any time. Please notice that this does not affect on legal data processing conducted before cancelling the consent. You can also change some of your settings from your own account in our Web Services or from the end of an email sent to you (with your consent).

You can contact our customer service to make a request to use your rights. Your request needs to be identified with enough of details so that our customer service can verify your identity. We will inform you if we can’t process your request for some parts, e.g. delete some information that is required by the law to be saved for longer periods (for example credit agreements and accounting information), or based on our right.

If you notice flaws in our request processing or if it’s against the law, you can register a complaint to the Data Protection Authority.


You can request your information, saved in Riena Productions’s information systems via email: contact.darksarah@gmail.com


Riena Productions is committed to offer options to influence how their information is processed.

You can decide yourself what kind of targeted marketing or added value services messages you want ro receive and what you don’t want. Some options you can choose on your own account of the Web Services and for example the email newsletters you have signed up for always include a link at the bottom where you can cancel the receiving at any time.

We enhance our services continuously so some functions can be added, changed or removed.

Our customers can also modify or remove their customer account on our Web Services. You can contact Riena Productions’s customer service and request for account deletion.

Note: in some cases, all of the information can’t be removed and legislation can require us to save some of the customer related information.


We can hand over some necessary information to third parties, required to fill in an order or marketing needs. Your information is handed over also during a credit agreement request to a crediting party.

We use customer information also for analytics and personalization needs with third parties. We use shopping behaviour and browsing history with third parties so that we can offer products, offers and content interesting to you in a better way. Information used for analytics and personalization is anonymized whenever possible. Only us at Riena Productions can connect the used anonymized information to your name.

If needed, we can also hand over information to authorities. In this case, we’ll always inform the customer also - given it’s permitted by the law.

He hand over information to following third parties:

Analytics and statistics partners
Product recommendation and personalization partners
Email marketing partners when customer has given consent to newsletter sending or for browsing history based recommendations or for product review requests
SMS partners, when there’s a consent to send SMS
Logistics companies when the delivery method is to a pickup point, closest post office or to door step
Payment processors when paying with credit cards
Creditors, when customer chooses to pay with creditor’s invoice or in installments
Invoice operator / processor, when invoice is selected as the payment method (and when Riena Productions is not the invoicing party)
Delivering party, when ordering direct delivery products
Service companies and appliance manufacturers, when needed in order to deliver maintenance services and further support
Customs, when buying tax free products
Debt collectors, when invoices are due

Riena Productions ensures high level of data security and privacy policy according to EU Privacy Policy (GDPR), when handing over information. Third parties meet the the data security and privacy policies set by the European commission and EU-US Privacy Shield or other Privacy Policy requirements.

Customers can limit the handing over and processing of their information for marketing and analytics purposes for example by not giving a permission for email marketing newsletter or by removing the use of cookies in their web browser.


Riena Productions uses cookies and similar techniques like web browsers’ local storage. Cookies are small text files between your devices and web servers. Cookies and other tags have predefined expiration time and after that time, web browsers will erase the tags. We use these techniques to implement technical features, personalisation, analytics and targeted marketing.

Functional cookies and local storage is used e.g. to identify customers, maintain logging-in functionalities and provide shopping cart functionality. To use these functionalities, accepting the use of cookies and local storage is mandatory.

The functional cookies and local storage variables set by the web servers remain in the web browser from 15 minutes to 26 months, unless they are deleted from the web browser settings. Visiting a Web Service sets the cookies and local storage variables again, when the web browser allows that.

With the help of user experience personalisation we can provide more interesting content, product recommendations and other content. To use these functionalities, a cookie is set to customer’s web browser. These cookies will remain in the web browser from 30 minutes to 26 months. Information sent to cookie, e.g. visiting a product page or website search history is anonymized and third parties can’t resolve the identity of the customer.

The information used for analytics and targeted marketing is anonymized whenever it is possible. Otherwise we treat information as personal information in that respect when the tags include customer specific information, like IP address. Also tags that have been connected to customer somehow, are treated as personal information. Information used for analytics and targeted marketing has a validity period from 30 seconds to 26 months.

We use Google Analytics e.g. to analyze our Web Services’ usage, popular products, trends and sales information. The information sent to Google is anonymized. Read more about Google Analytics information processing.

Other technologies we use for analytics and targeted marketing, like pixel tags, help us understand better our customer behaviour and tell us which products are interesting to our customers and which functionalities and services are the most valuable to our customer. To decline the tags by our third party analytics and marketing partners, you can turn on your web browsers ‘Do Not Track’ functionality and set your web browser to decline third party cookies.


To guarantee service development and legal complying in the future also, we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. If there are significant changes to the Privacy Policy, we’ll inform our registered customers and newsletter subscribers. This Privacy Policy replaces the earlier Privacy Policy.


You can contact us regarding privacy, information processing and Privacy Policy via email: contact.darksarah@gmail.com

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Terms and conditions

The Agreement

The Agreement will be deemed to be concluded at the moment the Client accepts the offer of Dark Sarah Webstore subject to the conditions laid down by Dark Sarah Webstore.

If the Client has accepted the offer by electronic means, Dark Sarah Webstore will confirm receipt of acceptance of the offer by electronic means without delay. Until such receipt of acceptance is confirmed, the Client will have the possibility to dissolve the Agreement.

Execution of the Agreement 

As soon as Dark Sarah Webstore has received the order, it will send the products to the Client without delay  within 1-4 business days.

Dark Sarah Webstore is authorised to engage third parties in the fulfilment of its obligations under the Agreement. 

Well ahead of the date on which the Agreement is signed, information will be posted on the Website which clearly describes the manner in which and the term within which the products will be delivered. If no delivery term has been agreed or stated, the products will be delivered within 30 days at the latest. 

If Dark Sarah Webstore is unable to deliver the products within the agreed term, it will notify the Client accordingly. In that case the Client can decide either to agree to a new delivery date or to dissolve the Agreement without incurring any costs.

Dark Sarah Webstore advises the Client to inspect the products upon delivery and to report any defects within an appropriate period, preferably in writing or by email.

The risks associated with the products will transfer to the Client as soon as the products are delivered at the agreed delivery address.

If the ordered product can no longer be supplied, Dark Sarah Webstore is entitled to deliver a product which is comparable in nature and quality to the ordered product. In that case, the Client will have the right to dissolve the Agreement without incurring any costs and to return the product free of charge.

Right of withdrawal

The Client will have the right to dissolve the distance Agreement with Dark Sarah Webstore within 14 calendar days after receiving the product, free of charge and without stating reasons.

Only the direct costs incurred for the return shipment are for the Client’s account. This means that the Client will have to pay the costs of returning the product. Any shipping costs paid by the Client and the purchase price paid for the product will be refunded to the Client if the entire order is returned. 

During the withdrawal period referred to in paragraph 1 above, the Client will treat the product and its packaging with the utmost care. The Client may not open the packaging or use the product unless this is necessary in order to determine the nature of the products, their features and their operation. 

The Client can dissolve the Agreement in accordance with paragraph 1 of this article by returning the product to Dark Sarah Webstore within the term stated in paragraph 1, or by informing Dark Sarah Webstore within this same term about the fact that it has decided not to purchase the product and returning the product as soon as possible. Products can be returned to the following address:

Riena Productions Koukkutie 56 04220 Kerava, Finland


Dark Sarah Official Web Store is located in Finland and all orders are shipped using the Finnish Postal Service (tracking code not available - for more information please email us at contact.darksarah@gmail.com). You can find information on estimated delivery times and shipping costs below. Shipping costs will be calculated automatically during the checkout process based on the weight/size of your order, the destination country and the priority level you choose.Please note that you might be required to pay additional taxes and charges depending on the import laws of your country. ( In some destinations the shipping price could be same from 0,5 kg to 2 kg.) 

Delivery times

Orders are handled ASAP within 1-4 business days. Please note that the estimated delivery times are calculated from the shipping date. You will get a confirmation of shipment via email when your order has been shipped. NOTE! Pre-selled products will be sent as soon as they arrive to the store. Most of the Dark Sarah Jewelry is hand made to order  and that is why the shipping takes a bit longer but they are worth the wait! We are not responsible for delays in deliveries of the third party.

Payment Options

To see estimated prices in your currency please use the currency selector in the top of the site. The estimated total cost of your order (including shipping) is also shown in your selected currency during the checkout process.

Please note that all orders will be charged in Euros. The final currency exchange will be calculated by the payment vendor / bank or your choice using the applicable current exchange rate.

International Orders

For international orders we accept VISA, Mastercard, Paypal.

The webshop acts as a marketer and delivers the product, it also manages the legal obligations involved in the trade. When a purchase is made with a credit card, the trade happens between the customer and Suomen Ostolaskut Oy (Corporation-ID: 2284303-3), which is the recipient of the payment and an official business partner of the Checkout-Service, the payment will be transferred to the merchants bank account by Suomen Ostolaskut Oy. Suomen Ostolaskut Oy is the official contractual partner of Luottokunta.

Finland / Suomi

Suomessa voit maksaa tilauksesi joko Visalla, Mastercardilla tai Paypalilla.

Payment Security

Payments are handled securely by Checkout.fi.

Problems with your order?

If you have a trouble with your order, have issues using our store or there is something wrong with the products you received please email us at contact@darksarah.com We will reply to you within 1-2 business days.


Force majeure

Riena Productions shall be not liable for failure to perform its obligations if such failure is as a result of Force Majeure, including fire, storm, flood, sabotage, interruptions in money traffic and traffic, accidents causing major harm, actions of public authorities, current or changed law, or labor disputes.


Possible disputes shall be settled at the District Court of Helsinki, Finland.